A New Angle

The Lord’s word to me when I lost my keys at the beach, “Look at it from a new angle.”  Worriedly retracing my steps to the changing rooms twice, trying to literally look through a new angle.  Two women who had been camped out 50 feet from me, came running over, saying, “Did you lose your keys?”

I was so thankful and they were overjoyed they found the owner of the keys.  They excitedly asked, “What would you have done if you didn’t find them?” In truth, there was no spare key.  My sister nearby may have picked me up, and we would have had to get a locksmith.  But my home was 3 hours away and it would be too late to worry my landlord for access to my apartment.  In awe of the way God worked it out, after a full visit with my family, upon entering my apartment late that night and closing the door, the Lord said, “Do you believe Me now?” (see John 16:31).

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