“The Triune God will be our dwelling place…

…even while our feet walk the low road of simple duty here among men,” (The Pursuit of God” by A.W.Tozer, page 88).

“The Vision of God

O Lord, I have heard a good word inviting me to look away to Thee and be satisfied.  My heart longs to respond, but sin has clouded my vision till I see Thee but dimly.  Be pleased to cleanse me in Thine own precious blood, and make me inwardly pure, so that I may with unveiled eyes gaze upon Thee all the days of my earthly pilgrimage.  Then shall I be prepared to behold Thee in full splendor in the days when You shall appear to be glorified in Thy saints and admired in all them that believe.  Amen.” (page 89).

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