David Demian Prophecy and Symbols in Prophetic Dream

Clarion Call to the Global Body: Standing with Singapore, USA, Lebanon (audio)

A personal message for the Global Family from David Demian


Amidst all the shaking taking place in the nations, a clarion call is being released in the Spirit for the Bride of Christ to arise and mobilize so that we may display God’s wisdom in its rich variety (Ephesians 3:10 NLT), and to partner with Him in establishing His Kingdom here on earth.

                        Ω                       Ω                    Ω

Symbols* for recent Pastor Dana Coverstone prophetic dream:

When we pray against the things we are warned about in a dream, there will be an absence of those things, in Jesus’ name.

Proverb 17:27, “A man of understanding has a calm spirit.”

  • Vultures: demons stealing souls to hell
  • Fire: strife
  • Number 3 (finger pointing, months): trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • City: world
  • Washington D.C.: Capital, place of decision making
  • Foreigners: not understanding the voice of the Spirit or false friendship
  • Soldiers: spiritual warfare
  • Money (negative): deceitfulness / greed / betrayal
  • Roof: spiritual leadership
  • Worry: spirit of fear / double-mindedness

The Divinity Code, 2011, Adam F. Thompson & Adrian Beale





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