I Have Six Children In Heaven: When Does Life Begin? – Jennifer Bagnaschi

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Have you ever wondered what happens to a baby when they pass away in their mother’s womb or soon-there-after? I’ve had the privilege of meeting six children who passed away before birth.

Those who know me, know that I am a pretty private person—an extrovert but also a private one. The reason why I’m sharing this life experience openly about my six children is that I have come to acknowledge for some time now, that our testimonies aren’t meant just for us and also to understand the significance of human life. (please read until the end):

By 2007, I suffered my fifth miscarriage. Ed and I lost yet another child. It hadn’t really been a shocker to the doctors at this point.

The Dream

One night, in early Spring of that year, as I laid myself down to rest for the evening, without a thought in mind, I was given an unforgettable dream, to say the least:

I have Six Children In Heaven

The moment I closed my eyes, I was walking in Heaven! To the left of me was a beautiful gazebo, which looked as if it was made from the finest pearl. Around this gazebo were children—six, to be exact.

There were two girls and four boys. The five younger ones were playing with one another around the beautiful gazebo, the youngest being a baby. The eldest was sitting on some type of rock or stone listening to music. He was very handsome and had a slight resemblance to my Uncle Jeff, who passed away in 1996—tall and slender, with neat, curly, black hair.

As I gradually drew closer to the children, somehow, I grabbed their attention and they all came flocking towards me…smothering me with hugs! Some around my legs, others around my waist because that seemed to be as high as they could reach, except for the eldest. I wondered who these children were.

These were my children! They were so beautiful, happy, and very well taken care of. My husband and I had six children in Heaven!

Ed always wanted a son, now he had four. The eldest we lost around 2003, the year we got married. What’s interesting, is that he’s the only one who I noticed would have been around the age he would be currently.

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3 thoughts on “I Have Six Children In Heaven: When Does Life Begin? – Jennifer Bagnaschi

  1. Yes,it was a dream to dear Jennifer but it’s a fact .During the last Judgement the slain children (aborted ones)will speak against their parents in the presence of the Living God and the Angels.Do you believe this?It’s going to be the worst tragedy of humanity.

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