Jesus IS Grace

Jesus Christ’s Cross – Acts 4:10

Jesus’ Righteousness – 1 Corinthians 1:30

Jesus With the Woman at the Well – John 4:5-26

Jesus With the Woman in the Temple – John 8:2-12

Jesus and the Centurions’ Servant – Luke 7:2-10

Everyday we wake up on this side of the grass – Psalm 68:19

Every escape from death – Psalm 68:20

The Good Samaritan – Luke 10:30-37

 I woke up one morning saying “Jesus IS grace”!  Learning more and more He is, what His cross means for us believers, for the whole world.  Oswald Chambers teaches the Cross is most important of our life with Him.   Max Lucado teaches importance of Jesus’ grace, Pastor Joseph Prince’s ministry is restoring God’s grace to us!  Can we do anything without Him (John 15:5)?  It’s an insult to ignore Him.  My friend always prays grace for me and Jesus has done it.  Amen.

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