Divine Connection with Communion

Out of the heart the mouth speaks

Luke 6:45

Vision in a dream: woman seated in glory, smiling, wearing a gray sweater with holes in the sleeve.

When awake, I wondered how she could be in glory because of the holes in the sweater. A month later started seeing a woman with holes in her sweater, very cordial and smiling.

I had just come from the store one day, having bought grape juice for home communion. I greeted her and next thing we were seated on the sidewalk sharing the Lord’s communion. She prayed for others who may be understood and for understanding for them and herself.

Photo by Paweu0142 Fijau0142kowski on Pexels

On the way home, there was the grandest rainbow ever.  A woman exits the bus wearing a white t-shirt with a pastel rainbow design. 

Jesus is Lord

1 Corinthians 12:3

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