Lord God’s Mercy and Miracles – Prophecies

‘I have loved you with an everlasting love.’ Jeremiah 31:3

I feel as the sky lights up before the sun is even seen over the horizon, King Jesus' imminent return is preceded by love, grace, mercy, miracles and power, in His powerful name.

Kathi Pelton: “Hanukkuh of 2021, triggers 8 years of mercy and miracles.” (His Glory Fills The House, Dec 6,2021, 41:47-43:26)

“Year of doing the impossible that you could not do, Passover 2021 thru 2022, global reconciliation”

David Demian (Behold I am Doing A New Thing, Feb 28,2022, 1:25:45-1:27:27)
Gareth Davies' Photo on Pexels
Photo by Gareth Davies on Pexels.com

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