Packing for Eternity

Your throne established from of old; You from everlasting. Psalm 93:2

This morning I asked God to restore the joy for life from when He’d given me escape from death. He gave me miracles and signs, July 4th fireworks, and a special, rhema, treasure word. Overjoyed to be alive, I resubmitted to another baptism, giving Him what’s left of my so called life.

He answered me.

So thankful for today's devotion from Max Lucado 'Chosen Children' how we're adopted by God (the mega-nurturer), John 1:12, Rom 8:15,17, Eph1:5.

Dear Papa, praying for all to know You and Your meaningful, gracious love, everyday, for You to answer them. Some seem distracted, in a hurry. Praying for us to honor all people, love and appreciate themselves and let others live. Please provide real solutions with open doors and open arms in King Jesus blessed name

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