Duplicate Names in Kings

“The mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom, and his tongue talks of justice.” Psalm 37:30

Jeroboam of Israel, 1 Kings 11:26 the first king to turn away from Father God

Jeroboam, Son of Joash, Israel – 2 Kings 14:16Lord God of Israel spoke through His servant Jonah to restore territory

Jehoash AKA Joash of Judah – 2 Kings 12:1- Repaired the temple by faithful workmen.

Joash of Israel, Son of Jehoahaz, Israel, 2 Kings 13:10 – Shot three arrows under the Prophet Elisha’s word of the Lord signifying taking ground over Syria

Jehu the prophet, 1 Kings 16:1 – Proclaimed the Lord God’s condemnation to Baasha for sins

Jehu of Israel, Son of Jehoshaphat, 2 Kings 9:6 – Anointed King of Israel by Elisha the Prophet. He kills King Ahab and King Ahaziah of Judah

David Praying by Rembrandt

Ahaziah of Israel, Son of Ahab, 1 Kings 22:40Walked in evil of his parents and the first Jeroboam.

Ahaziah of Judah, 2 Kings 8:25 – Joined King Ahab in fatal attempt against Jehu.

So wonderful to read the Psalms how King David spoke with You Lord God, to know You deeper; we can love and communicate to You Papa God by Your Holy Spirit

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