Book Reviews 2023

“Open my eyes that I may see wondrous things from Your law” Psalm 119:18

Jekyll & Hyde, 1886, Louis StevensonA novella that is the basis for many books and movies, begins with a doctor overburdened by sin in the world. His one personality is all good (Dr. Jekll) and one is all bad (Mr. Hyde). He self destructs in the end, (blatant cry for Jesus who takes away the world’s sin).
Little House In The Big Woods, 1936, Laura IngilsI read this in 2020 and it exemplified purity through a child’s eyes; her adoration of her Pa, her Ma’s goodness (beautifully portrayed in the tv series), and their adventures living in and near Native American country in early America.
My Healing Belongs To Me, 2014, Steve LongPastor Steve Long gives revolutionary account of scripture and our Lord working miracles today through His people. One woman received Lord Jesus as her Savior and performed healing on the same dat. Steve credits a friend with the book’s title that’s also a healing prayer.
Life With The Holy Spirit, 2017, Katherine RuonalaPastor Katherine shares about her closeness with our loving Father, Lord Jesus and Blessed Holy Spirit, who does powerful miracles through her and others.

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