God Is Spirit, Prophetic Dream

Dream: I said, ‘God is Spirit” to two workers nearby. John 4:23-24 TPT “From now on, worshiping the Father will not be a matter of the right place but with a right heart. For God is a Spirit, and he longs to have sincere worshipers who adore him in the realm of the Spirit and in… Read More God Is Spirit, Prophetic Dream

See Clearly

‘You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.’ Matthew 7:5 Biblegateway Repentance – Times of refreshing from the Lord Acts 3:19 Dear Wonderful Lord Jesus, thank You for Your victory on the Cross, we love and magnify… Read More See Clearly

Prophecy: Your Gifts Are Being Abused – Pastor Lorraine Blum

Pastor Lorraine Blum, The Body of Christ Ministries Rtes 513 & Voorhees Rd Glen Gardner, NJ 08826 Tel: 908-730-8831 Prohecy: Your gifts are being abused. People around you are afraid. Time is short. bishopclimateblog.com For I will assuredly rescue you, and you will not fall by the sword; but you will have your own life as plunder, because you have… Read More Prophecy: Your Gifts Are Being Abused – Pastor Lorraine Blum