Testimony of Jelly Fish Man

Forgive us our sins and trespasses, as we forgive those who’ve sinned and trespassed against us. Matthew 6:12 *trespass is an intentional or unintentional thing done wrong to us and others (Leviticus 5:15) John Arnott strongly recommends this testimony for us to know Lord Jesus who came to forgive sins more than you thought.

Access The Tree of Life

Revelation 22:14,15 TPT Bible.com Wonderfully blessed are those who wash their robes white so they can access the Tree of Life and enter the city of bliss by its open gates. Those not permitted to enter are outside: the malicious hypocrites, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, murderers, idolaters, and every lover of lies. https://www.thepassiontranslation.com/author/briansimmons/ ‘Who are… Read More Access The Tree of Life