Della Reese – ‘Tessisms’

‘This charge I commit to you, son Timothy, according to the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you may wage the good warfare’

1 Timothy 1:18

Miss Della walked out her calling as a daughter of our Almighty God, while acting in Touched By An Angel, 1994-2003. Let’s all honor God’s prophecies to us and stand tall!

  • There’s something I forgot to tell, remember that thing about, ‘Cast your bread upon the water and it’ll come back to you?’ ‘Yes.’ Hang on baby, cause the tide is coming in. What comes around goes around, and here it comes right now. (Monica’s Bad Day)
  • We were all sent here and this is what happened. So you… go with the flow, till you know, Baby (Dinner With Andrew)
  • God is the Maker of time and His timing is perfect, so He’ll probably give you as much time as you need. (Flight Of Angels)
Della Reese,

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